The Fowler house

“After years of working in the hospitality and travel industries, the owners decided to establish an individualized Inn.

In 1988 after looking  for a location throughout Ontario, they came across a property located in a small village on the shores of Lake Ontario.  The traveling distance from the main cities was also a priority in choosing the location as well as the character and history surrounding the property.

Located only 75 minutes from Toronto and 3 hours from Ottawa and Montreal, the location seemed to be suitable for leisure and business travelers.

The charm of the property with its own private park and gardens surrounded by a creek abundant with trout during the Fall season was another factor that immediately called their attention, the history around the house was also focus of their interest.   They wanted to preserve as much as possible the original characteristics of the house, without sacrificing comfort.  Sometimes this is a very difficult task. The original fireplaces were fueled by coal and in order to keep the same look they imported gas inserts from the U.K. that provides the same ambiance from the old days.  They decided to maintain most of the original windows and doors since they were in good condition. 

A bit of history

The house was built between 1829 and 1830 by Orchard Fowler, a successful merchant from New Haven, Connecticut who received the concession by the crown in 1827.  He moved to the area with his family and built a pottery not far from where the house stands.  The pottery was operational until 1870.  Only after the incorporation of the Village of Colborne is the registered deed to be found.

Ochard passed away in 1867 and the the original concession was divided into lots among the remaining heirs.

The house remained property of the family until 1928 when it was sold to Chas and Laura Edwards.  On that period of time, the original gardens were established.

Other families who owned the house were:

Howell in 1944

Folks in 1962 – Addition to the north side was built-

Vanderbosche in 1970

Wards in 1976 until 1988 when the guesthouse was established.”

By J.T. Banks-Architecture Heritage Review